Navigating my business through a pandemic

Well, what a year it's been so far, huh? How are you going? I hope you are doing OK and slowly finding your feet as we adjust and adapt to the new normal that is life in 2020. Chances are that a global pandemic and the resulting economic downturn wasn’t on anyone’s radar when we all set [...]


Adapting to change and uncertainty

Well, that was unexpected! If you feel like your world has been turned upside down within a matter of weeks, you are not alone. And I’m not just talking about the COVID-19 outbreak. Believe it or not, even positive change, provided that it’s substantial or unexpected, can lead to feelings of stress and anxiety, let alone all [...]


End of year business reflection prompts

Can you believe that we are three and a bit weeks away from starting a brand new decade?! My hope for you is that, amongst the craziness of the silly season, you'll have a chance to carve out some time to reflect on the year you've had - the lessons learnt, the insights gained, and the old [...]


How to have the courage to fail

Twenty nineteen is swiftly coming to an end and usually at this time of the year my clients and I begin to reflect on the lessons learnt, the insights gained, and the old ways of thinking and doing they will be leaving behind as the beautiful new decade begins. This time, I thought I would include my readers in this [...]


What to do when business feels hard

I must admit, I was a little surprised that my post about feeling stuck in analysis paralysis - was one of my most popular newsletters! Receiving messages in response, with shared experiences of feeling stuck, discouraged, unsure, or uninspired in business, reminded me that we truly do often go through the same stuff. And just because we [...]