End of year business reflection prompts

Can you believe that we are three and a bit weeks away from starting a brand new decade?! My hope for you is that, amongst the craziness of the silly season, you'll have a chance to carve out some time to reflect on the year you've had - the lessons learnt, the insights gained, and the old [...]


Tips for clearing business overwhelm

There has been a lot happening in my business over the last couple of months, and being a keen self-reflector (can that be a word?), I've been observing the emotional shifts that have accompanied my many business moves. From the omg-I-can't-believe-I'm-finally-doing-it thrill of launching my new Business Activation Program and welcoming some amazing, purpose-driven women into this community... To [...]


Feeling stuck in analysis paralysis? Read this.

Ever since I sent out my last Newsletter, I found myself feeling severely stuck in analysis paralysis. You see, while I was away travelling, I had an exciting business idea land in my lap. An idea for my next business project that felt SO right, that when I got back, I got to work on it immediately. [...]


Are you ready to rock the next 6 months?

Well, we are officially half way through 2019… Didn’t that go by quickly?! How are you going? Are you feeling on track? Are you making progress towards the goals you wanted to achieve this year? If you’re not feeling quite on top of your game – you’re not alone. Mid-year can be a difficult time, not only [...]