End of year business reflection prompts

Can you believe that we are three and a bit weeks away from starting a brand new decade?! My hope for you is that, amongst the craziness of the silly season, you'll have a chance to carve out some time to reflect on the year you've had - the lessons learnt, the insights gained, and the old [...]


Discomfort is a part of growth

We've all experienced growing pains as children. As adults, our muscles ache when we build and strengthen our bodies, our cuts and bruises itch when healing, and we can feel pleasantly tired and sore after a big day of being active and living life. When we attempt to do new things and challenge ourselves to grow, it [...]


Start before you feel ready

One of the (million) things I am learning as I transition into the world of business is that you really can spend all your time learning about how to do something rather than learning how to do something. I remember spending a long time reading about how best to set up e-mail automation on my website, before I even published a [...]