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The Psych Course Creation Blueprint

Terms & Conditions

Welcome to The Psych Course Creation Blueprint!

I am thrilled to be offering this bespoke training to you and kindly ask that you please familiarise yourself with the Terms & Conditions below.

The aim of this Program is to provide you with information, guidance, tips, and strategies for creating and promoting an online course or group coaching program.

I have taken great care to design and deliver this Program so you can walk away with an in-depth foundation from which to continue formulating, designing, setting-up, and launching your online course or group coaching program.

The information presented during this Program is general in nature and does not take into account your personal circumstances or situation, and as such it should not replace or be considered to replace individual consultation, supervision, or professional advice.

No information presented during this Program constitutes or substitutes professional legal or accounting advice. You should always seek personalised advice from an appropriately qualified professional and do not delay seeking personalised advice because of something that you saw in the Program (including member-generated content).

Any compliance tips throughout the Program are offered in collegial good faith from the point of view of ethical evidence-based practice and informed consent – in no way do these tips constitute or substitute professional legal or compliance advice and should not be solely relied on as a way of protecting yourself or your business.

The Program offers no guarantees of financial returns or results from your online course or program.

While due care was taken in preparation of this training, by accessing the Program you acknowledge and agree that you and you alone are responsible for the decisions that you make and the actions that you take in your business.

The content, ideas, visual materials, and any associated handouts are protected by copyright. No part of this training or information presented within it may be copied, reproduced, manipulated, or shared in any way without express written permission from me. Any evidence of plagiarism will be taken extremely seriously as it constitutes a serious breach of ethics and professional misconduct.

Due to the digital nature of this training, your access to the Program is non-refundable and you are liable for the full payment (3 monthly payments of AUD $297). Your access is valid for 24 months from the purchase date.

By signing up to the training you will be automatically added to my e-mail list so you can receive any training-related communication, as well as my Psych Startup Newsletter – you will be able to unsubscribe at any time.

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Correct as of 28th of February 2022.

Thank you – I’m so excited to have you in the Program and I cannot wait for us to begin!

With gratitude,


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