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The Psych Startup Academy Presents...

The Psych Course Creation Blueprint

Expert Guidance to Help You Formulate, Create, and Launch a Standout Online Course, Program, or Training

A comprehensive, step-by-step online program for psychologists and registered mental health professionals.

This Program is now available as self-study, so you can enrol and begin at any time!

Self-Paced Modules | Step-by-Step Tutorials | Guides & Prompts | Peer Support Community

Are you a creative practitioner who’d love to follow your professional passion and distill your knowledge and expertise into a scalable self-help course or a guided group coaching program?

Join me and let's make this dream a reality, together!

Here is how it works…

The PCC Blueprint is an in-depth online Program that will take you through the steps of formulating, outlining, structuring, organising, setting-up, and validating your online training, as well as mapping out your course launch plan.

Through a blend of practical self-paced modules, guided step-by-step tutorials, and monthly group-coaching/Q&A calls this Program combines strategic guidance with implementation support to help you gain momentum with creating your first (or next) online offer

When you enrol, you will receive instant access to comprehensive self-paced modules and guided tutorials, so you can start working through the Program at your own pace, while the monthly live calls will provide the much-needed structure, support, and guidance with all things creativity, compliance, troubleshooting, and tech.

Throughout this Program you will discover the crucial steps that you need to complete before investing your precious time, resources, and energy into actually creating your entire course, so that you can lay a strong foundation from which to create and launch your online program with a bang.

Created by a clinical psychologist and online interventions expert, this program is designed exclusively for registered mental health professionals who’d love to expand their solo private practice beyond selling 1:1 clinical sessions, and set-up an e-learning arm to their business focused on empowerment, skill-based learning, prevention, and personal development.

It is suitable for practitioners who’d love to create a signature self-help course, a group coaching program, a monthly membership, or CPD training designed to support fellow professionals.

This program is for you if you already have an idea of the training you’d love to create, but haven’t had the chance to refine it or learn about all of the steps required to turn your idea into a successful and profitable online product.

“I designed this Program for a dedicated practitioner like you, who wants to learn how to do things yourself and understand the intricacies of the e-learning product creation, set-up, and launch process, so you can be confidently in charge of developing this passion-focused area of your beautiful business. I absolutely cannot wait to see what you create!” – Dr Natalie Kladnitski, Founder & E-Learning Business Mentor

Don’t just create an online course – learn the essential business skills you need to succeed!

“Natalie’s coaching and knowledge of ethical marketing and tech has been invaluable in my process of developing an online course. I’ve done similar training in the past, however the training I’ve received from Natalie has surpassed any such training in terms of quality and depth. Natalie also goes above and beyond in providing online Facebook support”.
– Clinical Psychologist & Private Practice Owner, Sydney

Program Overview

Module 1: Refining Your Idea & Defining the Destination

Module 2: Outlining Your Course or Program

Module 3: Setting Up Your Online Systems

Module 4: Validating Your Course or Program

Module 5: Mapping Out Your Program Promotion Strategy

Module 6: Planning Your Course Launch

What’s Included

20+ Step-by-Step Lessons

Self-paced video lessons with guided action plans and implementation prompts

Guided Set-Up Tutorials

Screen-share videos of how to set-up and use WordPress, Canva, Mailchimp, and more!

Checklists & Roadmaps

Keep an eye on the big picture strategy and never miss an important course element of activity

Tech & Software Tips

Make sense of the myriad of different options and choose the right software stack for your goals

Access to The Founders Club

Ongoing access to me and likeminded creative practitioners inside a dedicated Facebook Group

Access to The Answers Hub

Explore a growing library of Q&As from previous rounds and have all your questions answered!

“Natalie is an exceptional teacher that provided a thorough and comprehensive program that has allowed me to finally feel confident enough to start creating online courses. The quality and comprehensiveness of her course has saved me so much time by directing me to the most efficient technical components required. She has also changed the ways I have approached my course by pointing out the nuanced ethical considerations of online courses versus clinical practices. I am so grateful for all that I have learnt from her program.” – Psychologist & Private Practice Director, Melbourne

Program BONUS #1

6-Month Pass to the Momentum Monthly Membership

Receive complementary access to monthly live group Q&A calls to help you stay on track!

Group calls are held on Wednesdays at 12pm, AWST/Perth and audio-replays are available if you cannot make it live.

Often on these calls we discuss ethical and professional practice issues as they apply to delivering e-learning as a registered practitioner, so there is scope to earn CPD points and engage in peer consultation.

(bonus valued at $474)

Momentum Monthly Membership

Accountability, Peer Consultation, and Progress Support to Help You Stay on Track with Launching Your Course

Includes a Monthly E-Mail Check-In

Program BONUS #2

Go behind the scenes and see my entire course production workflow

Take a peak at my tech and the exact process I use to create my online programs

(bonus valued at $297)

Producing Your Online Course

Equipment, Workflows, and Checklists to Help You Create Your Online Course on Time & on Budget

Includes a bonus Course Production Checklist

[Released August 2022]

Program BONUS #3

Receive complimentary access to THREE of my signature CPD webinars

Learn how to build your online business in a way that’s ethical, compliant, and feels good to you!

(bonus valued at $591 + 6.0 CPD Hours)

Creating & Selling Online Courses

How to Stay Compliant and Avoid Ethical Pitfalls When Using Online Courses to Grow Your Private Practice.

Includes a bonus Course Compliance Checklist

Building a Standout Brand

How to Give Your Practice a Compliant Competitive Edge Online So You Can Successfully Sell Your Online Products

Includes a bonus Brand Messaging Guide

Selling with Confidence

Ethical & Effective Ways to Sell Your Online Products and Create a Positive Purchase Experience for Your Clients and Customers

Includes a bonus Positive Purchase Blueprint

Program BONUS #4

Receive complimentary access to the Intro to Facebook Advertising Workshop

Learn how to harness the power of Facebook to start promoting your course

(bonus valued at $597)

Getting Started with Facebook Ads

Step-by-Step Workshop on Setting Up Your Meta Business Manager & Creating Your First Facebook Ad

Includes a bonus Facebook Ads Checklist

[Released September 2022]

Strategy, simplicity, and support for busy professionals who’d like to build creative momentum 

“Natalie’s course is a unique blend of comprehensive content with a very helpful focus on detail which is helping me create and refine a workshop product I’ve had in mind for a long time. I find her to be highly professional and someone who covers the material with integrity and professionalism. Thanks for your help in getting my ideas up and running Natalie”.
– Clinical Psychologist & Supervisor, Queensland

Ready to create your very own online program?

Join a growing community of creative practitioners and let’s get your online course ready for launch!

Your investment is 6 monthly payments of AUD $340.

This program is for you if...

Important Information

1. The content within this Program is the culmination of 8+ years of professional development, research, and consulting work in the area of online (mental health and well-being) course creation and marketing across public health and private sectors, and is based on the strategies that I teach in my 1:1 business coaching service.

2. Please enrol mindfully – because of the digital nature of the Program and resources, I am unable to issue refunds after you gain access to the Program materials.

3. You will be able to download and keep the printable program materials (e.g., PDFs) and receive 24-month access to the video tutorials and call recordings from the date of purchase, including any additions to the Program during this 2-year period. You will receive 6-month access to The Momentum Monthly Membership (valued at $354) with an opportunity to continue your membership upon completion of the Program.

If you have any questions at all about this program, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me on

Practical, expert guidance compliant with the rules and regulations of our profession

“I have undertaken a number of different course creation programs, some costing many thousands of dollars. Natalie’s online course creation program has by far been the most helpful, with simple step by step instructions that make the process easy and real practical support around the tech side of things. I now feel like I have the confidence and support needed to finish creating my online course and getting it online and out into the world”
– Psychologist, Australia

Join me and let's get your course ready for launch!

Simple, strategic, step-by-step guidance awaits.

Your investment is 6 monthly payments of AUD $340.

What does it take to create a profitable, in-demand online course or group coaching program?

Over the years I invested tens of thousands of dollars into popular online programs that promised to teach me how to create a profitable, in-demand online course and how to turn this course into a powerful source of passive income within my business…

I created online courses as a researcher and employee, as a contractor, as a consultant and in various shapes and forms for my own solo coaching practice.

I created clinical treatment courses, self-help courses, business courses, and group programs with varying degrees of financial success.

I hit many roadblocks and learned many lessons, had certain triumphs and many a setbacks along the way.

What I know now (and what I teach my 1:1 practitioner clients) is that gaining traction with online courses as a viable revenue stream takes patience, perseverance, a sprinkle of the magic that is ‘timing’ and above all… a certain overall strategy.

A strategy which at first glance seems counterintuitive.

But a strategy that, in the end, saves you time, effort, money, and energy, as well as ensures that what you create has a good chance of success.

Contrary to what all the popular course creation programs taught me, this strategy is not linear.

This strategy also doesn’t involve you learning how to do everything in one go, because formulating a powerful course and executing a powerful launch are two vastly different set of skills, each needing care, attention, and practice to truly master.

Which is why this Program is designed to help focus on formulating and validating a powerful online product first, before you can confidently invest your resources into launching it with a bang!

“The Psych Course Creation Blueprint is very clearly structured and easy to follow.  I especially like that Natalie is a psychologist and can answer all those vague concerns that we usually have about moving from 1:1 therapy towards building groups and courses.  It gives me peace of mind to be well-informed from someone who has so much experience in this area.” – Clinical Psychologist & Director,  Victoria

Ready to start this process together?

It’s time to share your knowledge, passion, and expertise with the world!

Your investment is 6 monthly payments of AUD $340.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no other Program like this out there on the market.

Yes it is a bold statement. Here is why:

I have been working in the online space for a very long time (nearly a decade), and if you name an online course creation program out there, it is very likely that I’ve done it.

I’ve gathered some of the best online business building strategies and blended them with the principles of ethical, evidence-based psychological practice.

This Program won’t just show you how to create, set-up, and launch an online course in a simple, step-by-step way – it will also:

  • teach you the underlying business principles,
  • flag what to watch out for,
  • call-out popular practices to avoid, and
  • suggest options and support you with selecting the right strategy for you

… so that you can leave the Program feeling equipped to run an effective, successful, ethical, compliant, profitable, and aligned online business.

This Program is not a simple regurgitation of surface level marketing tactics or motivational fluff.

Your reputation and the public’s perception of psychologists matter to me, so I have taken great care to design this Program to be the best training for registered health professionals out there.

The Program contains 6 core modules, which are broken down into 3-4 lessons.

Each Module contains about 1-2 hours of teaching accompanied by implementation worksheets, checklists, and prompts.

Fortnightly group coaching usually last between 60-90 minutes (depending on how many practitioners join live). If you are unable to attend live, you will be able to listen to the audio replay of the call – I list the questions/topics that we covered on the calls.

I will also be releasing various additional materials (e.g., mini-masterclasses) that are designed to complement your learning throughout the next six months, the time commitment to complete those might vary.

You have two options for completing the Program:

  1. Go through all of the Modules first relatively quickly, then go back again and begin to implement what you’ve learned.
  2. Take it one Module at a time and begin working on your course as you go.

In this round I’ve allocated 1 month per Module – we are all very busy practitioners and I found that this is a nice pace to actually get things done, though, of course you can implement things much faster!

If you diligently allocate 1-2 hours per week to completing the Program and working on your course, you should be ready for launch just ahead of the new year (which is a great time to launch new things!)

You will have access to the core Course Materials for 2 years from the date of purchase, so regardless of how busy you are right now, you can start laying a strong foundation from which to launch your online offer with a bang down the track at a pace that suits you.

Our Momentum Monthly Calls are held on Wednesdays at 12pm AWST (Perth) time, and so far the slots are as follows: 6/07, 3/08, 31/08, 28/09, 26/10, 23/11).

Please note any daylight savings time changes in your state.

Nope! I love to keep these calls simple – you are welcome to join live, pop-by throughout, leave when you need, have your camera on or off, ask questions on video or via chat, or submit your questions ahead of time.

I usually begin the calls by answering some questions that came in via e-mail to give everyone a chance to arrive and settle in.

The calls are recorded and the audio replay is uploaded into the Program Portal.

I am unlikely to offer this level of support (i.e., fortnightly group coaching calls for 6 months) as part of the Program again.

The Program itself will remain available and offered in a variety of versions going forward (the current price and $2,000+ bonus inclusions combination will not be repeated again).

At this stage I am unsure of the exact dates when there will be another live round, though it will likely run again live next year.

While the Program is designed primarily for practitioners who are looking to design and develop a “one-to-many” group offer – like an online course, coaching program, monthly membership, or CPD training – the principles are equally applicable if you wanted to start by designing and developing a standout, niched private practice offering a 1:1 service.

If you’d love to become known as a go-to practitioner for a particular presentation, problem, goal, or therapeutic approach, and set-up a standout Telehealth practice, this Program is for you too!

Yes! While the Program is tailored specifically for psychologists and mental health professionals wanting to teach evidence-based psychological strategies, it will be applicable to any registered health professional who wants to create an online course based on their knowledge and expertise within their scope of practice.

It will also be applicable to any registered health professional wanting to create CPD training.

I also warmly welcome therapists and coaches who may not be registered with a governing body, but who value ethical, evidence-based practices and have an appropriate level of training and expertise to teach others.

Yes! Because the Program is designed and delivered by a Clinical Psychologist and we often discuss ethical/clinical/practice-based issues among a group of registered practitioners on our live calls you can earn CPD points.

I keep a record of group call dates and provide a brief bullet-point outline of what we covered on the calls.

As a general guide, if you join the live call and have a practice-related question (versus a purely business-related question) you can claim a portion of the call as peer consultation.

If you listen to the replay you can claim a portion of the call as CPD.

I am also planning other ways to provide opportunities to earn active CPD hours.

I leave it up to each individual practitioner to decide what they claim and how it fits with their learning plan.

The Program also includes access to 3 of my signature CPD webinars so you can claim at least 6 CPD hours from completing those.

While I am not an accountant and you should always check with a qualified tax agent, because the Program is focused on helping you set up an online business foundation so you can create an additional income stream in your practice, it can be claimed as a professional development expense (either under CPD or business development).

A pay-in-full option is available here should you wish to claim the Program as an expense in the current financial year. Please note, the Program price does not include GST.

if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me on

“I have to say, I’m so enjoying the newfound confidence and momentum I’m gaining from the course. It feels amazing to have clarity on the questions that were bothering me and to be flying along after many months of feeling stuck with these ideas. I’m in a pretty good space, having one of those moments where I’m literally amazed at how far I’ve come since starting the program. It’s really unlocked my motivation!” – Clinical Psychologist, Perinatal Specialist and Practice Owner, WA

Step-by-step guidance and support await!

About Your Course Creation Coach

Natalie Kladnitski, PhD is a clinical psychologist, e-health consultant, and online business coach who works exclusively with registered health professionals to help them grow their private practice using scalable, evidence-based online interventions.

“I love helping passionate practitioners connect with their creativity and make the most of their training, knowledge, and expertise online in a way that is ethical, compliant, and feels good to them!”

Learn more about Natalie here.

© Natalie Kladnitski PhD 2022