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Online Business Coaching for Australian Psychologists

Personalised support to help you grow your solo private practice online

Is it time you started doing the work you love... your way?

Hi, I’m Natalie and I help passionate practitioners turn their skills, training, and expertise into a fulfilling online business.

What if you could design your private practice in such a way that it capitalised on your personal and professional strengths, aligned with your values in and outside of work, attracted the kind of clients you love to work with, and gave you the freedom and flexibility to truly enjoy this incredible career?

There’s never been a better time to go beyond the traditional way of working and build a multifaceted online business that brings you joy, security, and satisfaction!

If you value flexibility, independence, and ease in your work and have no interest in hiring and managing staff to build a busy group practice…

If you’d love to create and sell exciting online offerings to support your clients while making sure that your business supports you…

If you want to find a way to do the work you love your way… you’re in the right place!

I work with psychologists who know deep down that they are capable of carving out their own path and are searching for sound, supportive, and step-by-step guidance to help them get there.

I am a clinical psychologist who is passionate about business innovation that is mindfully aligned with the values of our profession, and I work exclusively with registered practitioners to help them grow their solo private practice using scalable, evidence-based online interventions.

My Psych Stratup Coaching is about helping you design, build, and grow a healthy solo business you love.

How We Can Work Together

Upcoming CPD Events

Learn about turning your solo practice into a scalable online business from a range of CPD training tailored to the unique needs of registered psychologists.

1:1 Business Coaching

Book individual sessions or a choose a comprehensive, step-by-step coaching package designed to help you launch your first (or next) online offer.

My work is for you if...

If this sounds like you, you can book individual coaching sessions or learn more about my signature coaching package below.

Alternatively, if you have any questions, book a free 20-minute Clarity Call and let’s chat about working together!

The Psych Startup Coaching Package

Learn more about my comprehensive, 6-session coaching program designed to guide and support you through the steps of launching your new solo practice, signature service, online course, or another scalable online offer.

Privacy Policy: I keep your information safe and never spam. In addition to receiving the package prospectus, you will be automatically subscribed to my Psych Startup Newsletter packed with tips for growing your practice online. You will be able to unsubscribe at any time.

* Please note, at present I work exclusively with Australian and New Zealand registered psychologists and allied health professionals.

A little bit about me...

I dedicated over 12 years of my life to mastering the art and science of clinical psychology only to realise that I felt utterly trapped by the work I waited so long to get to do.

More specifically, the working options available to me at the time.

The divisive politics of my profession.

The stifling administrative aspects of our work.

The competitive and sometimes toxic landscape of traditional private practice. 

While completing my PhD in online interventions for anxiety and depression, I began to explore how I could practice my craft in a way that felt innovative, creative, enjoyable, and free.

Through studying all I could about business in my spare time, I realised that my true passion and greatest expertise lay in working online and producing creative online trainings and resources for my clients. The more I learned about niching, marketing, and personal branding, the clearer the vision of my own business became.

I launched an online coaching a consulting business in 2018 focusing on helping self-employed women with confidence, vitality, and well-being as they worked tirelessly to build their businesses, while continuing to publish my research and consult on the matters of e-health for the public sector.

Combining my experience as a clinical psychologist and e-health researcher, I began consulting on all things digital mental health, conscious branding, compliant copywriting, and ethical marketing for one of Australia’s oldest not-for-profit digital mental health initiatives. In 2020 I led a rebrand and website upgrade project, as well as development of COVID-specific online resources, that saw hundreds of thousands of people accessing online courses to tackle their difficulties with mental health.

You can see what I’ve been up to lately, including my research, publications, and industry-leading projects here.

On the coaching side of my business, after establishing my ‘Healthy Business’ online brand, which focuses on helping incredible entrepreneurial women excel doing what they love – a business that brings me utmost joy, freedom, and satisfaction – I decided to share what I’ve learned along the way with like-minded fellow practitioners. In particular,  those who dream of working for themselves, creating online courses and resources, writing books, and establishing a personal brand rather than a group private practice.

From business strategy adapted to the unique needs of registered psychologists, to copywriting, business automation, content marketing, and social media guidance, my business coaching is about helping you craft your version of an ideal practice and take steps to turn this vision into reality, supporting you to overcome the many challenges that can get in the way of making it a lasting success.

I love helping psychologists connect with their creativity, honour their expertise, and confidently promote their work. Get in touch to chat about how you and I can work together to design, build, and grow you beautiful practice!