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Dr Natalie Kladnitski is a Sydney-based psychologist and mindfulness researcher with expertise in the area of transdiagnotic online interventions for psychological health and well-being. Natalie’s research focuses on the relative effects of online mindfulness training and internet-delivered Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (iCBT) on symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as the functional transdiagnostic processes shared by these conditions.

My PhD research focused on developing and testing online programs for mental health and well-being. In particular, I studied the benefits of online mindfulness training and integrating mindfulness practices with traditional Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for stress, anxiety and depression.

I am passionate about furthering our knowledge about evidence-based self-help and how best to coach people through using effective skills to improve their well-being.

I have presented my research at numerous national and international conferences, and am currently working on a number of publications for peer-reviewed scientific journals. If you’re a fellow researcher, you can connect with me on ResearchGate.

+ Publications

Kladnitski, N., Smith, J., Allen, A., Andrews, G., & Newby, J.M. (2018). Online Mindfulness-Enhanced Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Anxiety and Depression: Outcomes of a Pilot Trial. Internet Interventions, 13, 41-50.

+ Talks and Presentations

Kladnitski, N. (2018). Demystifying Mindfulness. Seminar delivered as part of St Vincent’s Campus Research Week, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia, September, 2018.

Kladnitski, N. (2017). Integrating Mindfulness and CBT. Presentation delivered as part of the Symposium titled “Current Status and Future Directions in Internet-Delivered CBT” at the National Conference of the Australian Association for Cognitive and Behaviour Therapy , Sydney, NSW, Australia, October 2017.

Kladnitski, N. (2016). Developing an Online Mindfulness Intervention to Enhance Internet-Delivered CBT (iCBT) for Anxiety and Depression. Presentation at the St Vincent’s Campus Research Week, St Vincent’s Hospital, Sydney, NSW, Australia, September, 2016.

Kladnitski, N. (2016). Side-Effects of Internet-Delivered CBT. Presentation at the 8th World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (WCBCT), Melbourbe, VIC, Australia, June 2016.

Kladnitski, N. (2016). CBT versus Mindfulness: Preliminary Results of an RCT Comparing Three Internet-Delivered Treatments for Depression and Anxiety. Presentation at the 8th World Congress of Behavioural and Cognitive Therapies (WCBCT), Melbourbe, VIC, Australia, June 2016.

Kladnitski, N. & Newby, Jill M. (2015). Mindfulness, CBT, and the internet: Pilot trial of a mindfulness-enhanced, internet-delivered program for anxiety and depression. Poster presented at the Centre for Mindfulness Research and Practice Conference, University of Bangor, Wales, United Kingdom, July 2015.

Kladnitski, N. & Conner, T. (thesis). The role of dysphoria in the predictions, experience and memory of happiness. Masters Research Thesis, Department of Psychology, University of Otago, Dunedin, New Zealand.

Kladnitski, N. (2012, 2013). The Role of Stress in Clinical Psychology. Invited guest lecture delivered to graduate students [Health and Human Behaviour Paper, PSYC 470], University of Otago, Dunedin

Kladnitski, N. & Conner, T. (2013, April). Glass half full or half empty? Investigating the effect of dysphoria on daily experience, memory, and prediction of happiness. Poster presented at the New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists National Conference, Dunedin, New Zealand, April 2013.

Kladnitski, N. & Conner, T. (2012, April). When the ‘rosy view’ turns blue: Dysphoria flattens the cognitive profile of happiness. Poster presented at the Joint Conference of the New Zealand Psychological Society and New Zealand College of Clinical Psychologists, Wellington, New Zealand, April 2012. *Awarded best poster prize

Polak, M., Jones, S., Kladnitski, N., Wenzel, M., Das, S., Perkov, J., & Conner, T. (2011). Positive Psychology in the Daily Experiences Lab. Poster presentation at the Inaugural Conference of the New Zealand Association of Positive Psychology, AUT, Auckland, New Zealand, September 2011.