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The Psych Startup Project presents...

Selling with Confidence - A Webinar for Psychologists​

Ethical & Effective Ways to Promote Your Practice, Sell Your Online Products, and Create a Positive Purchase Experience for Your Clients and Customers

Wednesday 2nd February 2022 12pm AWST (2.0 CPD Hours)

Are you a creative psychologist who’d love to grow your private practice online?

Did you know that the secret behind generating sufficient revenue from selling e-learning products in your practice – like webinars, workshops, and online courses – lies in setting up a strategic, automated, and ongoing sales system for each of the online products you create?

In the online business world these are called marketing funnels – step-by-step client purchase journey ‘maps’ that help you build a trusted relationship with your audience before they consider buying (anything) from you.

Funnels are an essential element of marketing automation, and can not only be used when selling online products, but also as a way to attract and establish rapport with new clients coming into your solo private practice… on autopilot!

The trouble with funnels – or the way popular business training teaches how to set them up – is that often they rely on persuasive sales tactics which are inappropriate (if not completely prohibited) for use by registered health professionals (regardless if you use your title or refer to yourself as a ‘coach’).

In my final webinar for the Confidently Compliant Online Business series, I’m going to teach you how to map out effective client purchase journeys in a way that is ethical, compliant, and creates a standout client experience, which can help your business naturally stand out in the highly-competitive e-learning world.

Join me below and learn all about creating a safe, supportive, and standout purchase experience for your clients, so you can effectively engage new customers and automate the growth of your solo online business.

Here is what’s included…

Selling with Confidence

Ethical & Effective Ways to Promote Your Practice, Sell Your Online Products, and Create a Positive Purchase Experience for Your Clients and Customers

Includes a bonus Positive Purchase Blueprint

In this training you will learn:

Includes a bonus Positive Purchase Blueprint

Live Call | Access to the Recording | Positive Purchase Blueprint | Peer Support Community | 2.0 CPD Hours

Blending practical business strategies with the principles of ethical, evidence-based practice, this webinar is all about helping you map out guided purchase journeys and client flow maps, so you can confidently promote what you create, maximise your marketing efforts, and generate the sales your business deserves in a way that feels easy and good to you!

Filling the gap in business support for solo psychologists in private practice

Have you ever accessed business or marketing training only to realise that so much of the popular advice is not applicable (or downright inappropriate) for you as a registered health professional?

Or maybe you’ve felt discouraged when certain strategies – like using testimonials – are promoted as some of the best ways to grow your business, yet you know that you are explicitly prohibited from using them in your advertising?

I’ve been there and I know how frustrating it is to spend your hard-earned money to help you grow your business only to be left feeling shackled by the constraints of our registration.

That is precisely why, as I learned everything I could about growing a business online over the last 5 years, I knew that one day I wanted to distill all of the popular advice into practical tips that would help passionate practitioners promote their work in a way that was ethical, compliant, and felt good to them!

The online training I create is designed exclusively for registered psychologists who’d love to learn how to grow and promote their practice online, while upholding the values of our profession.

And the best part?

Because we discuss business strategies in the context of our registration, code of conduct, and the professional rules and responsibilities unique to the practice of psychology (both clinical and non-clinical), you can claim CPD points for your learning!

Finding new ways to make the most of your specialist training and expertise isn’t always easy, so join a growing community of like-minded, creative practitioners and let’s re-imagine the way you practice your craft together.

This training is for you if...

If you have any questions at all about this training, please don’t hesitate to e-mail me on hello@nataliekladnitski.com.

Please note:

1. This training is  applicable primarily to Australian-registered psychologists, as the concepts and strategies are focused on the provision of psychological services and discussed in the context of AHPRA and APS guidelines.

2. My work focuses primarily on supporting solo practitioners and those running micro practices (when you subcontract to one or two other clinicians), so the information would be particularly applicable to this context.

3. Can’t attend live? You will receive 12-month access to the recording shortly after our live call.

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About Your Webinar Host

Natalie Kladnitski, PhD is a clinical psychologist, e-health consultant, and online business coach who works exclusively with registered health professionals to help them grow their private practice using scalable, evidence-based online interventions.

“I love helping passionate practitioners connect with their creativity and make the most of their training, knowledge, and expertise online in a way that is ethical, compliant, and feels good to them!”

Learn more about Natalie here.

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