What to do when business feels hard


I must admit, I was a little surprised that my post about feeling stuck in analysis paralysis – was one of my most popular newsletters!

Receiving messages in response, with shared experiences of feeling stuck, discouraged, unsure, or uninspired in business, reminded me that we truly do often go through the same stuff.

And just because we may not see this on the ‘gram, doesn’t mean that those we admire and look up to in business don’t feel exactly the same way we sometimes feel – regardless of where they “objectively” are in their businesses!

So what do you do when business feels hard?

1. Understand where the pressure is coming from.

The peculiar thing is – a little pressure in business can be a good thing.

It can help us focus, let go of our internal hangups, and get the things that we need and want to get done DONE.

But too much pressure, and we can quickly begin to feel overwhelmed, lose focus, and stall.

So if your business is feeling hard at the moment, instead of pushing through – pause to reflect on what’s going on, and see if you can focus on the things (tasks, projects, ideas…) that will actually help to take the pressure off.

2. Trust that the “downs” are normal and that it won’t always feel like this.

A thinking trap we can get stuck in when things are feeling particularly challenging, is to wonder “is this what it’s going to be like from now on?”…

The short of it is No.

The long of it is… also No.

Rough patches are inevitable, but they do pass!

What you do (or don’t do) when feeling this way can make all the difference.

3. Check that you’re not making yourself feel worse.

Now this might sound obvious, but is there anything you are doing that is actually making you feel worse?

Be honest with me…

So often, small actions that make us feel a bit better in the moment can subtly morph into the same activities that are keeping us stuck.

Now be honest with yourself and cull anything that is making your business feel harder than it needs to be.

Better yet, comment below and share with me an unhelpful habit that you know isn’t doing you any favours when it comes to building a business you love…

4. Talk it out with someone who gets it.

Don’t isolate yourself further by letting things brew at the back of your mind.

See if you can get together with a girlfriend (who is also in business), set-up your own mastermind or peer-support group, or chat with a mentor or a coach.

Since establishing my own virtual mastermind with three amazing colleagues in my industry, and joining a fellow solo-biz superstar to co-work with once a week #irl, the way I feel in my business transformed!

My hubby and doggo will always be my rocks, but there’s nothing quite like hearing the words “OMG, same!” in response to your struggles with solopreneurship to help you feel normal and less alone.

Of course, sometimes the pressure you feel can come from outside of business, which is when it’s even more important to surround yourself with people who can support you through life’s challenges.

Whatever you do, don’t keep pushing through it on your own!

5. Get some help with your business.

While having a good chat (and sometimes a good, unfiltered vent) about your business can help, there are times when you absolutely need to get a professional on board.

Someone to help you take a step back, objectively evaluate what’s going on, and figure out where to next for you.

Someone who can ask you the right questions to help you see what is and isn’t working for you in your business.

Someone who can help you feel accountable, because let’s face it – motivating ourselves to do the hard stuff is half the battle!

There is something so powerful about talking through your thoughts, ideas, fears, goals, plans, or stuck points, and getting guidance with your business from someone who understands what it is you are trying to achieve!

So get in touch below and let me help you get yourself and your business back on track!

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