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About Your Psych Startup Coach

Who am I and what do I know about building an online psychology-based business?

It occurred to me recently that many of you who are checking out my business don’t know me yet.

Which makes complete sense, because until recently, I was working diligently behind the scenes, gathering the expertise that I now use to teach others.

But the curious thing is that while we may not have met, there is a very good chance that at one point or another you’ve given or recommended your clients online resources that I’ve created!

I am a big advocate for being discerning about who you receive your business (or health) advice from, so let me formally introduce myself and tell you a little bit about all of the training and expertise that I distil into my business coaching and professional training.

+ I am a New Zealand trained, CBT-oriented clinical psychologist and I’ve been living and practicing in Sydney since 2014.

+ I completed my PhD at the Clinical Research Unit for Anxiety & Depression [CRUfAD] – a joint facility of UNSW and St Vincent’s Hospital, specialising in transdiagnostic, internet-delivered interventions for anxiety and depression (a fancy name for… online courses!).

+ My research focused on investigating the relative efficacy of CBT versus mindfulness-based online interventions, which involved developing two online treatment programs, running clinical trials, and guiding hundreds of participants across Australia through these courses (maintaining clinical responsibility for people I never met – which really isn’t as scary as it sounds!).

+ In addition to publishing my pilot and RCT findings, I’ve been involved in a number of clinical trials testing the efficacy of online courses for anxiety and depression across general mental health, perinatal mental health, and chronic pain. You can see the list of co-authored publications at the bottom of this page.

+ The two mindfulness-based programs that I developed are available for public access through THIS WAY UP – one of Australia’s leading not-for-profit providers of evidence-based digital interventions for anxiety and related disorders. You may have even used them with your clients!

+ After completing my PhD I became an e-health consultant and clinical content manager at THIS WAY UP, continuing to develop online resources and supporting clinicians with using evidence-based iCBT interventions in their practice.

+ In 2020 I led the development of COVID-specific online resources (including the audio-guide you may have listened to – yup, that is me and my voice!), which in an Australian-first have now been translated into multiple languages.

+ I was interviewed by Channel 9 News in relation to the online courses I created, and I continue to consult privately on matters of e-health, while I focus on building my own online business.

+ My own online practice focuses on personal coaching for women in business, helping them gain confidence, resilience, and self-leadership skills to succeed, as well as business coaching for registered health professionals.

+ My ‘Healthy Business’ brand is all about helping women build a healthy business – a business that aligns with their strengths, values, and what’s important to them outside of work – in a healthy way – without constant self-doubt, pressure, and overwhelm. 

+ I’ve shared my expertise in this area in print media, like the Guardian and Vogue, and have been interviewed on popular business podcasts.

+ As a business coach, I work exclusively with registered psychologists and mental health specialists to support them in going beyond private practice to expand, diversify, and grow their solo business using scalable e-learning products.

If you have any questions about me, my work, or how else I can support you in your growing practice online, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Otherwise, I sincerely hope to see you in one of my trainings 🙂


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