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Online Business Coaching for Australian Psychologists

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Learn about turning your solo practice into a scalable online business from a range of CPD training tailored to the unique needs of registered psychologists.

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Wednesday 6 October 12pm AEST 

ETA Late October 2021

* Please note, at this stage, this training is  applicable primarily to Australian registered psychologists as the concepts and strategies are discussed in the context of AHPRA and APS guidelines.

Have you ever accessed business or marketing training only to realise that so much of the popular advice is not applicable (or downright inappropriate) for you as a registered health professional?

Or maybe you’ve felt discouraged when certain strategies – like using testimonials – are promoted as some of the best ways to grow your business, yet you know that you are explicitly banned from using them in your advertising?

I’ve been there and I know how frustrating it is to spend your hard-earned money to help you grow your business only to be left feeling shackled by the constraints of our registration.

This is why, as I learned everything I could about growing a business online over the last 5 years, I knew that one day I wanted to distill all of the popular advice into practical tips that would help passionate practitioners promote their work in a way that was ethical, compliant, and felt good to them!

The online training I create is designed exclusively for registered psychologists who’d love to learn how to grow and promote their practice online.

And the best part?

Because we discuss business strategies in the context of our registration, code of conduct, and the professional rules and responsibilities unique to the psychology practice (both clinical and non-clinical), you can claim CPD points for your learning!

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