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Hi, I’m Natalie – I’m a Mindset & Resilience Coach for driven, ambitious, and creative women who’ve embarked on the journey of building their own service-based business.

I work with freelancers, consultants, academics, and health professionals who have a passion for helping people live better lives and are ready to create a purpose-driven business they love.

My work is about helping you gain confidence, resilience, and momentum, so you can do the work you love… your way, make the most of the expert knowledge and skills you’ve worked so hard to acquire, and feel in alignment with your true potential.

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Mindset 101: How to Recognise a Limiting Mindset in Your Business

This FREE guide will help you:

> Identify the 3 key components of a mindset and understand how they contribute to a mindset cycle.

> Find out the ten stages of building your business during which your mindset is vital to your success.

> Learn how to notice when you are being subconsciously driven by limiting beliefs, so that you can

> Take steps to break the self-sabotaging cycle and start to excel in pursuit of your business dream!

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Healthy Business Checklist

This FREE guide is packed with powerful, self-reflective questions to help you:

> Discover the factors that are critical to the long-term success of your solo, service-based business.

> Evaluate the way you strategise and approach building, running, or growing your business.

> Identify areas of strength and those that you would like to improve within your business, so that you can

>  Find your groove and start to build a healthy business you love!

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