Turning a dream into reality is hard work…

…and sometimes you simply need a hand to keep going.

My private online coaching focuses on confidence, resilience, and momentum in the context of building, running, or growing a personal brand and business.

I blend the insights from over a decade of psychological training with my passion for human flourishing, positive psychology, female leadership, and mindful business to help women overcome the inner barriers to success and boost their well-being, vitality, and fulfilment as they work towards achieving their entrepreneurial goals.

By focusing on your mindset, habits, and decision-making patterns and using science-backed tools, strategies, and techniques, my work is about helping you uncover your strengths; set clear, meaningful, and aligned goals; learn effective personal skills; and transform the way you approach and overcome challenges on your entrepreneurial journey, so that you can excel in pursuit of your business dream and achieve the impact you are truly capable of.

My work broadly falls into the two categories below:

My work is for you if…

+ You have a vision of a business and lifestyle you want to have, but feel stuck and frustrated by your lack of progress towards this goal.

+ You have the business tools you need to make your dream a reality, but can’t seem to get going and build momentum, or feel daunted and overwhelmed by the steps you need to take to get there.

+ You find yourself doing something over and over again without seeing results, or have started to notice a recurrent limiting pattern emerge.

+ You feel charged and triggered by something in your business, but can’t put your finger on what’s causing you to feel this way.

+ There is something you’d love to do in your business, but feel like you can’t or not allowed to.

+ You worry about what others might think or say about your business or about you doing your own thing.

+ You find it challenging to put yourself out there and proudly promote what you do.

+ You know what you need to do to build a business you love, but find yourself stuck in procrastination, self-doubt, or perfectionism.

+ You know deep down that you are capable of something great, but you just can’t figure out what’s stopping or holding you back.

“Our job in this life is not to shape ourselves into some ideal we imagine we ought to be,

but to find out who we already are and become it.”

― Steven Pressfield

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life

and you will call it fate.”

― C.G. Jung

“At the center of your being you have the answer;

you know who you are and you know what you want.”

― Lao Tzu

Specifically, my work is about helping you tackle the common challenges encountered by entrepreneurs, like:

+ How to manage your time and energy when starting a side-hustle alongside your day job.

+ How to select the right things to do for you in your business.

+ How to build patience when everything takes longer than you thought it would.

+ How to build confidence when speaking about your business and what you do.

+ How to escape and stay out of the busy trap.

+ How to get organised and work consistently on your business.

+ How to clear the overwhelm and focus on activities that will generate real results.

+ How to feel comfortable selling what you have to offer.

+ How to resist comparison, competition, FOMO, and social media overwhelm.

+ How to build confidence to be on video and show up live on social media.

+ How to manage online training overload and embrace strategic continuous improvement.

+ How to regain control over your tech and stay focused.

+ How to protect your sleep when you have a lot to do.

+ How to invest resources mindfully in your business.

+ How to manage resistance and procrastination.

+ How to overcome perfectionism and embrace the concept of minimum viability.

+ How to create health and well-being systems in your business.

+ How to manage emotions and recover quickly from business set-backs.

+ How to do things outside your comfort zone, and how to know whether you should.

+ How to build healthy momentum and set yourself and your business up for long-term success.

+ Any other blocks that might stand in the way of you feeling on top of your game or seeing the results you set out to achieve.

Ultimately, my job is to support the most complex and vital system in your business – YOU, with your vision, ideas, skills, habits, fears, hopes, dreams, and deep desires for the kind of life you want to live and the kind of legacy you would love to create.

Access my calendar and let’s see how I can help!
Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! If you have a vision and an idea of what you want to do, and have started the process of working on your business, I am here to help.

Yes! For example, if you are working on a creative project, completing a PhD, or doing something that demands a lot of dedicated solo work, I would love to support you in your pursuit. Please send me an e-mail with what you have in mind and we can go from there!

Yes! I work with driven and passionate women who often have a lot of goals and things they want to accomplish with their brand and business. My work is about helping you gain clarity and put a strategy in place, so you can start to feel more on top of you game.

Yes! My work is about using reflective questions to pin-point what’s leading you to feel stuck, and to guide you on what you can do to release these roadblocks to regain momentum.

As your coach, my job is to help you with achieving your goals. I do this by teaching you strategies, helping you put them into practice, bringing things to your attention, pointing you in the direction of resources, and guiding and supporting you in figuring out what’s best for you and how you will go about achieving your goals.

My approach to coaching is active, structured, and requires commitment from you to put the strategies we talk about into practice. I strive to help you feel supported and safe to openly discuss your difficulties, and we work together as a team to help you achieve positive change.

If you are naturally curious, like learning, and are open to trying new things, we’re likely to be a good fit. You’re welcome to book in a free 20-min chat over the phone to get a sense for how we might work together.

While my group programs and online communities are geared towards supporting women, my 1:1 coaching isn’t limited to female entrepreneurs.

If you or someone you know is looking for coaching to help with mindset, confidence, performance, or momentum, and resonates with my work, please feel free to get in touch!

If you are looking for help to boost your confidence, resilience, performance, and momentum while building your business, I work with a wide range of professionals, although my strengths lie in supporting those who are building a business centred around their training and expertise (i.e., delivering professional services, coaching, and consulting).

If you are looking for strategic business coaching, mentoring, and advice (e.g., setting up an online business, brand positioning, creating online courses, and marketing your business) my 1:1 coaching is reserved for registered health professionals (including medical and allied health).

If you don’t have an idea of what you’d like to do when it comes to business, my work may not be for you right now.

My strengths lie in supporting you once you know what you’re working towards or have a particular big goal you’d like to achieve.

What you may benefit from instead is working with business coach who can help you figure out what to do with your skillset or where to next in your industry, or a career coach who could help you find the right direction.

Psychological therapy is usually a form of treatment and is about helping individuals directly address symptoms of a metal health condition to alleviate suffering or disability, to work through difficult life transitions and experiences or through traumatic experiences from the past.

Coaching is about helping people who are currently well learn strategies to better manage normal life stresses, improve performance, set and achieve goals, and further develop skills in a particular area (e.g., personal effectiveness, communication, relationships, work, business, etc).

My Mindset & Resilience Coaching focuses on personal development, well-being, and strategy in the context of building, running, or growing a personal brand and business. My work is about helping you harness your strengths, shift any limiting beliefs, improve your self-confidence, effectively manage your time, actively cope with any problems that come up in your business, and persevere in achieving your goals.

Because I do not offer online counselling or therapy services, my work does not involve helping you address symptoms of a diagnosable mental health condition (e.g., insomnia, persistent low mood, heightened and chronic worry or anxiety, panic attacks) or work through a challenging life situation (e.g., grief or loss, relationship difficulties) – this is best done with a qualified psychologist who provides assessment, treatment, therapy or counselling services. Click here to browse a list of registered psychologists in Australia.

As a general rule of thumb, if how you feel is making it hard for you to do normal everyday activities (at home or at work), then it is always a good idea to consult with a General Practitioner (GP) to see if what you’re experiencing is related to a mental or a physical condition.

If you’ve been under a lot of stress lately; are feeling persistently worried, tense, anxious, or unable to sleep; or feel increasingly down, depressed, or hopeless – it is best to seek face-to-face treatment advice from you doctor as soon as possible to help directly address and ease these difficulties. Your doctor may recommend a clinical psychologist to see in your area or discuss options for any relevant medication. In Australia, you might also be eligible for subsidized face-to-face treatment with a psychologist under Medicare. If you’d like some more information about anxiety or depression, please click here.

If we begin working together and I notice that anxiety, depression, or symptoms of a diagnosable mental health condition might be significantly affecting you, I will discuss this with you and we’ll come up with a plan for how best to help you, which may include seeking another psychologist who can provide appropriate treatment.

Please note, if you are currently receiving mental health treatment, counselling or therapy my coaching may not be for you right now.

In short:

Who I work with:

Driven professional women ready to invest in themselves to build confidence, resilience, and momentum towards their career and business goals.

What I offer:

Online coaching focused on self-confidence, mindset mastery and resilience training, as well as support for improving well-being, vitality, problem-solving, energy management, and work/life satisfaction.

What I don’t offer:

Online counselling, therapy, or psychological treatment of clinical anxiety, clinical depression, or related mental health conditions. Relationship or career coaching.

How I work:

All sessions are booked online, held online, and are secured via Stripe.

Why I do what I do:

Because I am passionate about helping determined women like you thrive and succeed in pursuit of their dreams.