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Welcome to my calendar!

My 1:1 coaching focuses on helping you gain clarity around the stuck areas in your business and build confidence, momentum, and stamina so you can excel towards your business goals.

My key areas of expertise are:

1. Personal coaching for women in business, focusing on mindset, confidence, resilience, organisation, time-management, self-care and well-being strategies designed to help you excel towards your business goals.

2. Business coaching for registered psychologists and health professionals, focusing on strategic business planning, niching, and marketing, designed to help you build, launch, and grow a stand-out solo private practice. Click here to learn more about my strategic business coaching for health professionals.

I use a combination of psychological and business strategies to help you get unstuck and start making progress towards the goals you’d love to achieve.

*** Notice about 1:1 Sessions ***

At present, I am not taking on any new personal coaching clients – if you’d love to work together in the future, please e-mail me on to discuss your goals and my availability.