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Musings on confidence, resilience, mindset and momentum in solo business

Welcome to Healthy Business – a little corner of the internet where you and I explore what it takes to do the work we love and to build a healthy, aligned business we can be proud of in the years to come.

This space is all about nourishing your creativity and helping you let go of self-doubt, step into your full potential, and become unstoppable in pursuit of your career dream.

What to do when business feels hard

I must admit, I was a little surprised that my post about feeling stuck in analysis paralysis - was one of my most popular newsletters! Receiving messages in response, with shared experiences of feeling stuck, discouraged, unsure, or uninspired in business, reminded me that we truly do [...]

Tips for clearing business overwhelm

There has been a lot happening in my business over the last couple of months, and being a keen self-reflector (can that be a word?), I've been observing the emotional shifts that have accompanied my many business moves. From the omg-I-can't-believe-I'm-finally-doing-it thrill of launching my new Business Activation Program [...]

Feeling stuck in analysis paralysis? Read this.

Ever since I sent out my last Newsletter, I found myself feeling severely stuck in analysis paralysis. You see, while I was away travelling, I had an exciting business idea land in my lap. An idea for my next business project that felt SO right, that when [...]

Remind yourself of where you already are

Setting and working towards meaningful goals is an essential part of growth. ​ By definition, goals orient our minds to what we don't have yet or what we can't do yet, and our desire to get to where we want to be fuels our action. In mindfulness practice, however, desire - wanting [...]

Are you ready to rock the next 6 months?

Well, we are officially half way through 2019… Didn’t that go by quickly?! How are you going? Are you feeling on track? Are you making progress towards the goals you wanted to achieve this year? If you’re not feeling quite on top of your game – you’re [...]

Give yourself permission to stop

I've been feeling rather productive in my work lately, but contrary to what you might expect, it is not because I've been doing more. In fact, I've been doing less. And giving myself permission to stop. In the past, you see, I didn't allow myself to 'stop'. [...]

3 ways to keep stress at bay

The end of the financial year is a notorious time for stress levels to run high. There are targets to meet, things to get done, paperwork to organise… While bursts of stress here and there are healthy and necessary for optimal functioning, chronic or prolonged stress can [...]

Experiment to find what works

Have you ever found yourself doing something the exact same way you have for years? In general, once we find a behaviour, a routine, or an approach that works, we tend to stick with it. But every now and then, something that used to work well for [...]