Feeling stuck in analysis paralysis? Read this.


Ever since I sent out my last Newsletter, I found myself feeling severely stuck in analysis paralysis.

You see, while I was away travelling, I had an exciting business idea land in my lap.

An idea for my next business project that felt SO right, that when I got back, I got to work on it immediately.

I mapped out the sales page, the inclusions, and the benefits…

I created the system for how it will be delivered…

I outlined the shifts and changes it will help my clients achieve…

I designed beautiful graphics for all the different components…

I set the price…

I mapped out the content creation schedule…

I set up my equipment…

I got ready to turn the idea into reality, and then…

I got completely and utterly overcome by a wave of self-doubt.

Is it really that good of an idea?…

What if I missed something and it is, in fact, a very bad idea?

What if no one will be interested in this?

Did I structure it right?

Did I price it right?

Will it be good enough?

Cue analysis paralysis…

I talked and I chatted about it with anyone who would listen.

I talked and I chatted.

I pondered and analysed.

I went back and forth, and back and forth until my mind hurt.

Should I do it this way or this way?

Should I offer this or this too?

Should I price it this much or this much?

The endless, exhausting overthinking…

And then I noticed something.

I noticed that I was starting to think of an exit strategy.

I started to feel like it’d be easier to just drop the idea and to move on.

This, of course, was the unannounced arrival of Fear.

Fear that the project will fail.

Fear that it won’t live up to the promise of an amazing business offering I dreamt up while flying high (literally).

Fear that I will put all this time and energy into it, and it will flop.

Fear that it will be rejected for being not that great of an idea after all.

But at the same time, I know deep down that it is an excellent idea.

An idea for an offering that is so needed in this space right now.

A product that will help women tackle the most difficult thing in their businesses to overcome.

A product that will transform the way you approach building your beautiful business once and for all.

So, this is what I’m doing right now…

I’m calling out the fear and I’m pulling up a seat for it.

Here, Fear, thank you for stopping by!

I know that you like to hang around and watch what I’m doing, so I made a space for you right next to me.

So that I can continue to focus on what’s in front.

So that I can continue to follow the Intuition, which is also here by the way.

So that I can continue to create what I need to create, because for me not to, would be incredibly rude to the Idea, who was here first.

You cannot always know how things will turn out and that is OK.

Everything in business is an experiment!

So give your ideas a go before you overanalyse them to death, because that’s just it – ideas not explored die and come back as the zombie ‘what if’s and ‘if only’s to haunt you.

Fear is not the enemy.

Doubt is not the enemy.

They sense the uncertainty and show up to protect us.

They need a seat at the table, because if you try to force them to go away, they will only come back stronger and louder.

It is OK to feel uncertain and to follow through anyway.

So that’s what I’m going to do.

Signing off now, because the Idea’s been waiting long enough, and it is time to finally honour it.

What are you waiting for?

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