How to have the courage to fail

Twenty nineteen is swiftly coming to an end and usually at this time of the year my clients and I begin to reflect on the lessons learnt, the insights gained, and the old ways of thinking and doing they will be leaving behind as the beautiful new decade begins. This time, I thought I would include my readers in this [...]


Feeling stuck in analysis paralysis? Read this.

Ever since I sent out my last Newsletter, I found myself feeling severely stuck in analysis paralysis. You see, while I was away travelling, I had an exciting business idea land in my lap. An idea for my next business project that felt SO right, that when I got back, I got to work on it immediately. [...]


How to feel the fear and do it anyway

 Whenever we are faced with a decision to take a leap in order to move closer to where we want to be, we can experience a whole range of emotions. From excitement and anticipation, to fear and apprehension - when we challenge ourselves to take a risk and do something that's meaningful to us, we come face-to-face [...]


Start before you feel ready

One of the (million) things I am learning as I transition into the world of business is that you really can spend all your time learning about how to do something rather than learning how to do something. I remember spending a long time reading about how best to set up e-mail automation on my website, before I even published a [...]